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tv   Good Day 9am  FOX  January 14, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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>> what a morning we've had here many p somebody is watching us, multi, multi, multi-millionaire. >> glad you're with us. a very exciting morning here. we're covering breaking powerball news. it is official someone in melbourne beach is waking up super, super rich. they bought a powerball ticket. q.crackky is live.
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financial planner is in studio what they need to do first. q.would he again with you many. >> with good morning. you know first-things-first they'll have to go to claim their prize and we her several people in the tallahassee getting their prize, the big winner, it was sold right here, in melbourne beep and they have to divides it amongst two others. we don't know if it was one person or in a pool of folks withing that powerball ticket. but it's a lot the frenzy, we saw a few customers, taking pictures, excited take they're local publix sold that winning tech many this public lex is going to get $100,000 retail bonus and we also spoke with the district manager and this is what he had to say about that
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in lake mary. q.we add $2 million in florida, and it's interesting the gentleman was in our office, in tallahassee filling out his claim to recover his money. but the interesting part is he found the thing and that's the one that he got his powerball particular and now he's $2 million retcher today the. >> and that sore was in leak mary. etcetera call sea a ton. trying to get some information. and 11 other tickets. people won, at least $1 million. so a lot of lucky florida people waking up. so check those numbers, and of course we'll bring you p more. back to you guys. >> what about the guy, that's crazy. someone else's numbers. q.all right, here the winning
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numbers again. >> you could tell be one of those $1 million winners. 4, 8, 19, 37, 34, and powerball is ten. >> if you are one of the winners. don't go to work. >> can our financial expert is joining us. you have had a lott terry winners. >> he have a a clinent. take a deep breath because you want to make smart decisions. these are throw phonecalls up to make. your financial advice sore. your attorney and c. p amount. from sit them together in a room and you're going to have a little discuss. you know you're going to carve out money to do something for your mom and payoff debt, and you to buy a house pay payoff your margin. q.carve out 20% of the net.
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second thing is, take 5% and make some charitable contributions. you know, share your wealth because you got easley. and then the balance of the 75% sit with your team and invest that money so you can set up an income for your life. exyou can fun your college plans. and, sock that away and live off the income. you have to do that. it is so easy to spend. you have seen the pictures of the train coming in with all the family. and you're going think, i should buy and can tiffany, and you have to, and this is serious you have to stop ask say i know he want to bee a few things. but you need to invest that money and have it produce a inning for you, and for your family many is it if you set it up conservative p. >> 5% you're making $15 million a year.
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is it very conserveative many there my wealthiest cleans are the most conserve testify. you have to have your trusts and wills, and c.p.a. talk about every move you may to minimize taxes and than your financial adviser will be the orchestrate tor. because that money can last you forever. the rest of your life. >> if your smart and you make smart choice inthes it's exciting. somebody is having a good morning. we hope it's a group. wouldn't it be nice. there we'll see. we don't mean. q.thank you. >> 9:05. and here's brooks. q.good morning. we're starting off this morning with some high clouds across central florida, exsome sun will
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get through. and. it will bring or two of rough weather many. high temperatures, mid upper 60's, and atmosphere starts to moist sean up. we'll have those full details coming up. >> the school district is meeting today to discuss high school start time. they are studying the pros and continues, of having them start later. it would cost the county millions of dollars. exneed to buy more bus excess hire more bus drivers will it will be worth the cost in the long run. >> trying it figure out what after a teen is hit and killed
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this it happen at 7 :30 near oakridge, and, troopers say the 14-year-old boy was hit by two cars. both drivers did stay at the keep the. >> a 15-year old boy is accused of murdering his sister. he hit 91-month old on sunday. the girl was then taken to the hospital and was pronounced dead. >> he's now charged with second-degree murder. >> police looking for a person-of-interest after a violent attack. this happened, at the apartments. police are trying to identify the man. the two women were in the stairwell when the man aprothem. with of the women tried to fight him off and that's when the suspect stabbed her and robbed her and took off. he was caught on video using the
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>> you decide six section the candidates getting ready for the debate. >> ryan is back. latest. >> good, month. it should be interesting getting very close to the iowa caucus. it shows they have been working aaron the clock to prepare the stage. this is a time lapse and it is at 9 p.m. a lot of interesting angles. cruz who has been under attach incluing rubio. and cruz facing mounting criticism he is accusing him of being a flip fronter. from he supported legalizing people. and now he's against it. he supported double the number of green cards and now he's against it. >> donald trump has been raising questions to be president because was born in canada and his mother a u.s. set sen. this is what trump said.
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>> we got a little problem. you have to make sure you can rep. a lot of lawyers say you can run if you do that. you can't be born in canada and a canadian yes citizen. i hope it works out for him. q.and cruz also facing a i talks over his senate campaign. he failed to report boring $1 million for goldman sachs and city bank. they borrowed to finance their campaigns. q.bernie sanders, say his donations, have been soaring. they raised nearly one-and-a-half million in a single demany clin neck has attacked the past votes which supports immunity. cle ton is ahead 7:00 nationally. all right the circus is
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coming down. >> they are kicking off the first of their five shows. that show starts a the 7:30 the and all ticketholders can arean hour early. and they're going to have a preshow the and get ought at the graphs and take pictures. the last show will be 1:00 on monday many. at mean in, this this year's oscar nods. >> start with best picture. fan favorite, mad max fury road. >> okay. >> sorry. >> i can't read that fast. >> can we go back or not p. >> no, we can only go forward. >> okay. >> well done. we're done. there we go. so, let's start from the top. the big short and the realm make
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max and the marshon. they are bet pick was sure. next up, lead actor. we have these guys. brian crampton,. >> we have leeing actress. there kay blanchette, jennifer lawrence, charlotte and reason nan. congratuexcess what the big show next month. >> if you are trying to lose weight be careful what you put on your plate. with 150 calories really looks leak. that's coming up next. here's a live view this morning at the big republican debate tonight.
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>> welcome back. you see all that construction is starting to take shape. look at that.
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and circus at amway. >> losing weight is a popular resolution. how do you feel full while cutting calories? they still want to eat. there now, some answers for you. >> good morning. good to see you. good morning. we're talking about snacking because that seems to be. but used to be that people didn't snack. but aaron 1970s, they started saying, people are, would and they're busy. and making food. and now we have turned into a culture is think about the next time we're going to eat. and one study is he that we're eating 600 a day in our snacks. so you have ton careful and you're eating meals. so here we have 150 calorie naks for. the best one, perfect snack.
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broccoli and carrots and this is a little individual portion of humus, now, these you do. because it can add up quick. 90 calories and p you get the veggies and it will make you feel full. and chewing, so youdent feel like you're being deprive many this is the i dole snack. >> this is 8% calories only have five chips. if that's it. >> bad day. >> so you have to count them out and seal the bag with some super flu. q.that's torture. >> i know. now, these, i keep these nuts in my car. and can you think had this would
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be a decent size portion and here's the problem. this is 330. which is too much. that's almost a meal. so, when you divvy it up, etcetera only about this many cashews, just a teenie little handful. so other visuals, just to keep in mean. veggie straws. they're supposed to be, i don't know. healthier. but they're krumging and airy. you get a little plate i think there are 69 veggie strausss and when you need chocolate, and you total have any, you go into the pantry and get out your semi sweet, and you can have -- you can have quite a few of them. i counted out 50 for 150 calories. you only need a comto take care of that sweet tooth. and the gummy bears, this is for
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20, is 950 calories. q.i rough it. >> exseems you just got to to the indulging is it that's why i like. q.yeah, i think the little backing kisses are awesome. >> all right that was good. >> still love your hair. >> rpg that you. >> we'll see you later. >> and we'll check in, and, big checks coming our way and you're not the only up with who arrange he the chocolate fix. we do have major changes. tomorrow morning rough, and i'll show you that in 60 seconds. and let's get you out the door. and we have a lot of includes and no reap in the crowds until you head down to south florida. and, 53 in orlando. and so temperatures are warming up. we'll see a pleasant day today. tomorrow morning, some storms come through. morning to midday and more rain
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just a rain event. and as if we'll start next week on marten will you they are king's ber day. cool and dry. >> 53 degrees. >> orlando has so much to offer. whens are north-northeast. and will continue to see the winds switch. later today, from the northeast, tonight from the southeast and we'll tap into some atlantic moisture. and moist enus up. >> starting off now, in the 50 degree range, and here's the storm system. water vapor showing it's not gulf of mexico. so this is going to come through tomorrow morning. time it out the today, whims go northeast and the storm gets more organization need and, say,
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this warm front is going to be right near us. and see our first round of some strong round. and this as we go through the midday hours, it passes by and see another round of thunderstorms. you can watch quickly, another fast moving system impacts us on zap. let's dissect tomorrow morning. been looking at on of the models, and i have to he will you, in the latest, but in on of the latest data, the storm tomorrow morning looks more potent. this shows us the squall forecast. how many thunderstorms we expect. and it shows the best chances come 4, 5:00 and could lep ger through the lunch-hour. glenn richards will be in this.
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tomorrow morning. >> again we'll keep an eye on radar. and break the he winter gear out next week. >> wow! >> still to come. we now know one of the pow ball tickets are sold in central florida. and they can afford a fancy new mansion and a whole lot of other stuff. we'll check out some mansions
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if they want. >> a gentleman cues see and he j spa with a steam shower and regular shower and exercise area. closet. it's a whole room. check in a the clothes that you can hang and then, look at this. think about all the shoes and purses you could store. take the glass elevator up to the second floor theatre.
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a home movie theatre. better than going to any of the theaters here. style. >> we have something else for you will. >> beautiful georgia style home. this 18 aeker home has a very homely feel. and effort a large home there's a wonderful family feel to t.30 million. and etcetera leak being at a resort spa with a beautiful view. >> three car garage, and you have a cabana with three car double attacked. and they have lifts that you can put more cars here. a dream many of us would like to see. >> wow! >> that place is cool. >> awesome. >> i want it. too. >> next team. >> pow ball is only $40 million.
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q.we'll check back, because live there outside publix with the winning ticket, that's coming up here. also is parenting, more stressful than marrage. from why more people having
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. >> welcome back. i'm so glad your with us. and it is now official, soap or a group of people, bought one of those winning powerball tickets. yoapg us live. and hi, jackie. >> good morning. yeah, a lot of excitement from
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find out who theft to split it, with the winner, and, . >> i spoke with a woman who always shots here and she hit four numbers, and, very lucky, and she only gets about 100 bucks. and see what she has to say. i got four numbers and we'll see what that breast. >> did you get up with on the powerball. good so it brought in a few bucks. s going to bill that community
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et al good . >> here are the numbers >> the rest of us have to watch very closely. >> ruling on on. >> my powerball. my first and only. q.i deny when. q.not one number.
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he get any right? no. >> the average 401k down 7,000. the average 401 is 9 2k the and you can do the bath that's 7,000 out the won't, when you do, we have an opening bell and a closing bell that's opposite. we're looking for oil priests to stabilize and looking for signs of that the bro' bal economy isn't tanking. >> this is good news because i'm
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>> and people buying it, and, always a long lien. and, and powerball ticket. >> let's talk about walmart. >> griddles what's going on . >> this is double whammy, the bright spot in the economy is car sales. record numbers are expected for 2016. prices are no on the soaring. when you look at a new car it's
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affordable. there's a report out yesterday saying that the 2016 new car prices will be relatively steady. q.prices not through the roof just take it. >> don't question it. money. >> what 300 million. no less the. oh, okay. you can't live on that. >> expensive to le by the beep.
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if thanks. we'll talk to you soon. by the way, the debate is going to be on fox best. and see lauren. and then, tune in tomorrow for all your post debate coverage and business coverage, we have it all for you here. 9:35. it's hard to live on 200 million
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>> most of those high clouds and temperatures rise, the northeast wins, turn southeast, and, the atmosphere respect and have full details coming up. >> all right. thank you. more and more people are opting to wait to get married. but not the same thing, when it comes to having children. 4-10 babies are born to unmarried parents many they are making it and not get marry. >> joapg us this morning is rep coach. good to see you. >> why do you think we're seeing this trend, i am ready to have a child. well i have a lot of things
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and i'm a christian pastor i think the moral way to do it. let's layout some practical these the some people have the finances and family structure to be able to do it want that's why you see it. if you don have the family and finances to be able to do t. it's not a good had why. second thing is, we are so tied up with personal chose and previous reps. what he want. exwhat's good for me. so that we're now rede seeping things, and not thinking about the common good. and so it may be good for mo don want to get married and don't want to do in. >> we have to think about those these and, some people don't have the capacity to have a great career, to be a great
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parent and to be a great spouse. so because they don't have that capacity they're choosing up with or the other. q.being a parent is very stressful on a mar ram. >> so if you're not married. how does that change things. >> when you have to also think about what's bet for them. they're going to say. they were in terrible homes with terrible mar ram. i understand that. but what we want to shoot for is the open take pel medical and not be scared there what are we
9:34 am
>> i want an out the mar ram at, doesn't give me a clean out want financially. so, like in their finances in order exit's not good for the person or for the child. >> do we fail to then when you have a child with someone you're tie toe that person forever. every decision you make about that child's life. and baby showers, and weddings. >> some people are getting a baby mama, and baby dad today who they know would get vote or they can buyout. so you see the celebriadvertise in court. who is going to be the parent. so just go away want you did your part.
9:35 am
to think about it. >> he's the best. q.9:40. john. still to come the new trend has men looking messy on purpose' many we're taking a closer look at anti grooming. that's coming up next.
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>> >> i don't want to be too harsh but all the pieces are loose. >> that's mean. >> we're all losers on this side
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of the camera, too. q.i'm definitely a loser. >> man. sorry guys there after hearing about the store of the guy who just happened to find a ticket fill out the exwon, how would you feel if that was one. and says forget it. q.and it was a winner the. hopefully he'll give me a little something. >> if he's here the. [laughter] >> we're all working away. you might say you want a man to look clean and put together want from you might say that, but you might notice the big trend in men's hair is the ungroomed up with. just like women sometimes dry before that messy luck. and they're wearing they're bed
9:39 am
maple of fashion. >> it fens the look and when it is extreme. and i feel like trends come and go, and i like class. >> p like that guy. he has a hat on. q.yeah, it could be distracting. and a blow dry. sea salt spray. because you want. not like want. seems but i'll be honest there's so many jokes about news anchor hair. i don't want to be so, look at this had cheesy beer i leave it mess is he.
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week. >> o, boy. >> severe thunderstorms. and so we'll have onto keep an eye out.
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and it is going to be a rapeny day and then cool and dry as we go lou next week. looking live, from our visit orlando she and there's the or lap doe i. what a beautiful place we live in
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>> today no rain and some clouds, outside. and, now tomorrow morning we have a couple of things happening. this warm front, along and just ahead of the warm front. >> and then, the whole system passes by, and, . >> all more than long. and here's the forecast, and
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storms and cool as we go into next week. this morning we had a dom of them, she was with her buddy there. you know who the boss is right there. q.big dog. >> we had air, came on out with hispantoday bear friend. q.i leak that shirt. >> good picture. >> by the way we had to take it, and going on, and, your house. and, then, get a better view of it. q.why is he doing that. >> what's it for. >> real, there's someone right
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there i didn't tell you. >> all right the "american idol" junction getting tough. trying to make sure that the contestants are the "cream of the crop." >> can i can't talk any more. trace gallagher has the recap. >> we're the city of "brotherly love." it continued in philadelphia but the judges didn't feel inspired to hand out many golden tickets. not going to do it, to be in the mill or good. it has to be great. >> got to blow us away in the audition. got to be high legal. and epif it is a smaller number i would rather see a smaller number it of extraordinary talent he people. q. season two clay aiken joy to help pull talent. q.see what you got.
9:45 am
they realize this is a big deal. when i auditioned respect it wasn't that big of a deal. and these contestants are scene what the show has deny. and that adds to the anxiety. there with every udigs there's bound to be some funny. months. >> if you were going to vote the >> 80 senger brenda kay star assisted judges. >> and many more impress the judges. not only did they get a golden ticket but some a vice. >> be myself and see where that takes you. >> it's like you know it's good. is that kind of quiet. >> yeah. it's true. q. talent search continues in
9:46 am
thursday night. in hollywood trace gallagher. >> is one direction going in a new direction. good we have some more during this extended visit from your extended family, all you want is a peaceful moment to stream your show.
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and you need enough bandwidth to share with a full house of hungry users. lightning internet from bright house networks. the speed you need. and now connect to... premier tv, 15 megabit internet and hd-dvr service... only $92 a month
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. >> this could be bad news, there are rumors the group may be parting ways. they want a solo career but not in syncing. >> the group which the two a start on the show x factor, about ready to release their homes. >> nick carter, the back street boy has been arrested in key west. he was at the palm saloon when he got roll in some type of scuffle inside the bar. >> there's video. it is not clear what charges he will be facing. >> man claims he has -- [laughter] >> he said he started getting calls from a lamborghini, and
9:49 am
party enhave atations. after he got his fon. and, started going crazy. and then tons of happy birthday calls on august august 12th. turns out it was from his birthday, and he has the old phone number. >> he said, poor fella. and he advised don't check any messages in front of your wife. >> the guy is now in law school. you know what's going to come across next. >> beautiful. >> there you go the from cop gratlacings if you're the winner
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